Dental Services are provided by a qualified Dental Surgeon both during OPD hours and during emergencies. A State of Art Dental set up including facilities for Dental X-Rays and major dental surgeries exists in the hospital. Amongst others the following dental services are available in the Hospital.

  • Tooth Extraction (Simple),Tooth Extraction (Impacted),
  • Pericoronectomy Abcess Incision
  • Apicoectomy (Under L.A.)
  • Root Canal Treatment (Anterior)
  • Root Canal Treatment (Posterior)
  • Jaw Fracture,Amalgam Restoration (Class-I)
  • Amalgam Restoration (Class-II)
  • GIC Restoration
  • Miracle Mix
  • Temporary Restoration Oral Prophylaxis (Full Mouth)
  • Splinting
  • Full Mouth Desensitization
  • IOPA X-Ray Gingivectomy (Under L.A.) – Per Segment
  • Gingivectomy (Under L.A.) – Full Mouth Flap Operation – Per Segment
  • Flap Operation – Full Mouth.