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Premia Group brainchild of The Real estate Guru and CMD Premia Mr. Tarun Shienh has shifted into state- of- the- art Corporate office in Noida on  the 15th February 2014 at A-5,6,7 Sector 9 Noida  . A day long Sai Baba Bhandara marked the grand opening of the 15,000 sq ft. corporate office.  The Corporate Office is conveniently located near Metro Station and is en-route to the DND Road.Perhaps for the first time, a builder in the NCR has got such a spacious and well decorated office 24 Hour eco -friendly power backed commercial space as corporate Centre. The 3 Storeied Glinting Glass Structure Building has got all the modern features including the State of Art Wi-Fi & LAN Connectivity Intelligent Building Stuctures with Energy efficient clean and green technologies to accommodate around 1000 employees.

What strikes a visitor to the office is a Five Star Lobby – cum Reception Area to greet any visitor. All the conference rooms are equipped with the Audio- Video modern facilities. The office has got separate corridors marked for different sections – Sales, Finance, HR and Corporate Communications. The cubicle work space signifies open work culture in the office. Also there is a cafetaria and recreation wing for the employees. Also there is a spacious Basement Parking Area Facility which can accommodate upto 100 Cars.


 The Premia group is a 2800 cr. + diversified business conglomerate with diversified business interests in Real Estate, Healthcare, Infrastructure and Hospitality Sector with a pan- India presence. All the projects are strategically located in areas where fast development is taking place with international quality infrastructure. Personal initiative, innovation and commitment to be best have catapulted the Premia Group into the big league of top development. Drawing some of the best talents from different walks of life, the company has an ever growing team of professionals including Architects, Engineers, Finance, Marketing and CRM professionals. All of them are committed to provide high quality projects and services as committed an organization built on trust.

It is often said that the great men are characterized by their perseverance, acumen, proficiency and an impulse to succeed. But success comes on swift wings for all those who dare to fly. One such flight was taken by Premia Group’s CMD Tarun Shienh; the acknowledged Real estate Guru has built the organization on the values of Trust, Transparency, and Commitment.

It is a measure of the strength of his sagacity and extraordinary execution as to how the group has managed achievements of the magnitude they proudly wear on their sleeves. Bring an exceptional thinker and a man commanding respect owing to the faring so well in the real estate, the primary area of operation. Tarun is known for his sharp acumen in recognizing the business opportunities; he brings on board vast operational experience in several verticals including real estate, Insurance and Finance.

Having a colossal experience of the corporate world and immaculate understanding of consumer behavior goes a long way towards Tarun’s sharp insight and his business plans shaping out exactly as planned. Under his guidance, the group has grown leaps and bounds and is one of the most successful upcoming business organizations in the corporate arena. Their inclusion in the Inc. India list of 500 fastest growing companies makes for an ample proof of the potential that they have and the glorious heights they can achieve through an unincomparable blend of youth energy, vision and experience that the top brass possesses. He strongly believes that any pursuit based on values namely integrity, quality and reliability is surely bound to succeed. Also, Mr. Shienh takes a hands-on approach towards his business – be it dealing with the investors, customers or banks.

Taking cue from the colossal success of their two real estate projects namely Premia Corporate City in Noida West and Premia Crown of Noida. The Premia Corporate City- a prestigious project offers a complete corporate City experience that includes  a 5 star hotel, corporate offices, service studios, Retail Mall, Golf Course , amusement park, Theme based restaurants, Cultural food courts, clubs and an endless list of services of unmatched one of its kind facilities. The expertise in design and architectural excellence of concept is done by Design Architects- Singapore Design Team 3. The ADI Ltd. Hongkong is the landscape consultants and its architect is Space Design Group. Other upcoming real estate projects of Premia Group include Premia Hill View, Gurgaon, Premia Residency, Greater Noida (UP), Premia Residency, Bangalore, Premia Residency (Navi Mumbai), Premia Grand Resort near Palampur in Himachal Pradesh. The Group focuses on delivering innovative real estate projects; with all its projects being master –pieces having luxury and ultra- luxury component embedded with the regular benefits as a Premium. Having a strong presence throughout North India, Premia Group is focusing on expanding their reach and depth of their portfolio through incorporating more businesses to its repertoire. In line with this endeavour, they have recently stepped foot into the healthcare arena under the brand name “Premia Healthcare”. Through the healthcare arm of their business, they are out to revolutionize the healthcare industry with the best in class hospitals and services on offer at various strategically planned locations throughout the country. The first hospital of this long chain is now open and functioning in Palwal, Haryana wherein the best physicians and para- medical staff are providing people with state of the art care and services. Soon to follow are a series of multi specialty hospitals which will have state- of –the- art infrastructure and facilities that would benefit every section of society. Besides, the Premia Healthcare hospital in Palwal , Haryana has got a team of medical professionals drawn from the best medical institutes of the country top provide quality comprehensive healthcare facilities to roughly one million people living in and around the NCR.


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Premia Group Presenting Much Awaited Residential Project

1390725_617315861658537_1193836741_nFor more info visit our Official Website at http://www.premialtd.com or Follow us on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/premiaprojects

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Premia Group Forays into Health care sector

Premia Healthcare is operating its first pilot hospital project via acquisition of leading running hospital in Palwal, Haryana. The group plans to scale up its operation by having a similar network of hospitals in tier-2 and tier 3 cities soon. Spread over 5 acres of lush green surroundings, Premia Health Care, Palwal is a 115 Bedded State- of- the- Art Hospital. It is one of the centers’ having highly equipped medical facilities within a radius of 60 kilometers. Another USP of the hospital is that it would have a team of highly qualified super specialist doctors, para-medical staff who would provide comprehensive healthcare services to roughly one million people of the NCR region.

Announcing the launch Mr. Tarun Shienh, Chairman and Managing DirectorPremia Group said “With Premia Healthcare, we wish to take the ever- evolving Indian Healthcare Sector to the next level by giving the Indian masses access to world`s finest high quality integrated healthcare services. This endeavor is aimed at bringing the best quality healthcare services to the doorstep of those who need it the most and at a price that is quite within the reach of a common man. Indian healthcare services have long shown a maturity that is expected considering the tremendous growth trajectory India has embarked upon and this effort from Premia is just the next logical step in the continuing trail of developments.”

Mr. Shienh Chairman, Premia Healthcare added that “The reason we chose a city like Palwal for our healthcare foray over other metropolitan cities is because it suits our aggressive growth philosophy of serving ‘Servaya Janaya , Sarva Sukhaya’ i.e. Serving maximum people and for everyone’s benefit. Beside this, I feel it’s my social obligation to make quality healthcare services accessible to regions where there is a dire scarcity of quality healthcare”

The group also believes in sustainable growth through optimum resource utilization. Hence apart from tier 2 and 3 expansion, it is keen on expanding its footprints in other major cities in India where there is a dire need of high- quality and State of art healthcare facilities. After all, a nation built on a healthy foundation is one most likely to define its success path most effectively.

Premia Healthcare’s acquisition of a leading running hospital in a Tier -2 City like Palwal is a clear reflection of its future growth strategy keeping in lieu with the potential of Cities like Palwal where healthcare services are quite fragmented. This step is all set to revolutionize private health care services in India and most importantly it is sure to impact the life of the people of cities that are usually not on the radar of big corporate conglomerates. Effectively bringing an elusive quality of latest healthcare with quality diagnostic facilities at affordable price to the masses, Premia Healthcare is a step that will surely benefit scores of Indians as the venture moves ahead.

For More Info about Premia Healthcare follow the link: www.premiahealthcare.com   ,   www.facebook.com/premiahealthcare


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“Miss Universal Princess 2013 – A World Beauty Pageant” Sponsored by Premia Group

Premia Group adds another first to their repertoire to become the foremost in bringing one of the top beauty pageants of the world to Indian soil. Miss Universal princess 2013 is all slated to dazzle India, with Premia Group powering the show and being associated with the coveted pageant as the Sponsor. The “Real Estate Guru”, Tarun Shienh, never the one to fall short of innovative ideas, has made this promising association possible wherein two immensely admired names of their respective industries have come together to present an event of grand stature.

Miss Universal Princess is a global beauty pageant that showcases some of the aspiring and world’s most talented divas and includes fashion world’s heavy weights such as former participants of pageants like Miss Universe, Miss World, Miss World Earth and Miss International from various countries. The event presents an ostentatious platform to the contestants and grandeur for the audience the likes of which have never been witnessed in India.

Premia Group, a leading Real Estate organization and its visionary CMD Tarun Shienh, have put immense efforts to bring this trendy pageant to the subcontinent. The event presents a chance for Indian audiences to familiarize themselves with the faces and personalities from the world of fashion that have been scorching ramps all across the globe. These global beauties are all set to ‘walk the walk and talk the talk’ and compete it out for the title of‘Miss Universal princess 2013.’ The pageant will also see Mr. Tarun Shienh, The “Real Estate Guru”, as one of the esteemed members of the jury comprising of eminent personalities from all walks of life and who will be the ones to adjudge the contestants. The event intends to bring about unity and forge peaceful relations among the nations of the world.

Tarun Shienh, when questioned about his association with the pageant, replied, beaming with pride, “We, at Premia, are committed to undertaking endeavors for the society and for the causes we believe in. We have been associated with numerous social causes in the past. This pageant is again one to promote the much needed peace among nations. Miss Universal Princess is, I think, the perfect platform for spreading the message of harmony and accord. We are also proud to be the first ones to bring this to India. India is today recognized as one the major global forces. This event will help bring Indian audiences the taste of an international title like this and at the same time, project India’s image as a host in the global scenario. We have worked tirelessly towards this association and are extremely content to see it taking shape so well.”

Adjudicating the competition, Mr. Tarun Shienh has been given a great honor by the organizers of the event in recognition of his key role in bringing the title race to India. Being a member of the jury, The “Real Estate Guru” will be sharing a position of great responsibility and pride with a select and elite group of individuals from across industries. Never one to shy away from a new role, Mr. Shienh will be displaying his charisma and intellect, albeit in a very different setting and capacity this time around. According to him, he is pretty excited about it too. He was quoted as saying, “This is a unique opportunity for me. I have delivered talks, been an arbitrator, been invited as chief guest in various events and lauded numerous times, but never have I had a chance to be a jury member at such a prestigious platform. I will try and do justice to my job as a member of the jury.”

The pageant is all set to mesmerize India this winter. Whatever you do, it is a sincere advice not to miss this grandest of all stages and let yourself be captivated by the entrancing spectacle.

"Miss Universal Princess 2013 - A World Beauty Pageant" Sponsored by Premia Group

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Mr. Tarun Shienh, The Real Estate Guru Features in INDIA EMPIRE (Leading International Magazine for NRI’s)

Tarun Shienh has come to be known as the face of Indian Real Estate in the past few months. He is a true professional whose success story is all about grit, commitment and deliverance and outlines the significance of honesty in a business transaction. With him making appearances in various events, being covered by prestigious publications and interviewed by established new papers and channels, he seems to be on the run of his life. Though he has been an extremely successful professional all his career, his fame was nowhere near the stardom it is today. Latest in a long line of coverages by esteemed magazines, Mr. Shienh has now appeared on the cover of the prominent NRI magazine “India Empire”. His contributions to the real estate community and his ideology as well as vision have been published by the magazine which is widely read and immensely popular among NRI communities.

It has become a regular occurrence of sorts for Indian audiences to see Tarun Shienh’s name being highlighted in various publications of repute. His views and ideas regarding real estate are highly respected in his own community as well as among the millions of readers and viewers who have benefited from his astute insight and sharp intellect. The magazine, in its cover story on The Real Estate Guru”, has tried to capture the essence of the man and his though process. His passion for masses and his part in their development through his area of expertise is the central theme of the treatment. He has taken Premia to scale new heights as an organization and his endeavors towards the advantage of the masses is more of an emotion rather than an undertaking.

In this interview for the magazine, he has shared his views on the present real estate scenario and how real estate is all geared up to play a pivotal role for the economy in the forthcoming years. His extraordinary vision is already setting up examples for his contemporaries and inspiring millions of aspiring entrepreneurs to fall in his footsteps. The dialogue also lays stress on Premia’s ascendance to success and the impetus behind the show. For Tarun Shienh, there has never been a shortage of ideas and his creative energies always seem to be on the brim of his personality. The interview also grazes upon the creative talents Mr. Shienh possesses and brings the readers close to his train of thought and the mindset of a genius at work. The Indian audiences have seen Tarun Shienh up close numerous times in the past and now, through this interview, Indian Empire have taken upon themselves the task to introduce this gem of the Indian Real Estate arena to the NRI and POI communities, highlighting his prowess and skills as an innovator and a people’s person. It also showcases how his vast experience across industries has provided him the requisite proficiency to script his progress like a virtuoso and afforded him the capability to execute these plans right down to the last detail.

The talk also points out Tarun’s contribution towards Premia’s success and his plans for the future and how he envisions it to materialize in keeping with the current stature. In its entirety, it focuses on how Tarun is shaping the face of the Real Estate industry for the better and redefining the efforts to concentrate on deriving the maximum for benefit of the masses rather than just concentrating on the monetary rewards. It is this sentiment of great amplitude that makes him the man he is and has seen him receive accolades and appreciation time and again.

Tarun Shienh, The Real Estate Guru Features in India Empire, Leading International Magazine for NRIs

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