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Real Estate Sector post delhi election what to accept?

The Poll results…and the change in Government spreads a wave of positive sentiments in the real Estate sector. The expectations of the developers have drastically increased and all eyes are on the steps that would be taken up by the new party in power to speed up the delays that are faced by the developers for clearance and approvals….as this leads to the delay in projects and also increases the cost of project by almost 40%.

If we see the graph of the new projects that were launched by the developers in 2013, we will see a drop in launch of new projects as compared to previous years…which in turn has resulted in inadequate supply of housing stock. This was due to the problems that the developers or builders have to face due to the delay in approvals or clearance of the projects.

Real Estate sector plays an important role in driving the economy of our country to a new high. At present, it contributes 6.3 percent GDP and has a capability to drive economy to a double-digit growth. For the growth of this sector appropriate steps should be taken to subsidies the interest rates for the housing loans etc that would lead to the growth of Real Estate Sector. The experts believe that the clear mandate will lead to economic growth. The experts believe that the market is sentimental and will respond very soon.

At this Tarun Shienh, The Real Estate Guru & CMD Premia Group says, “The real Estate Bill that was passed in 2013 has helped to bring transparency in the Real Estate sector. But it would contribute in the growth of the Real Estate sector only when the other peripherals are also managed, like clearance of any project should be given within 15 days of submitting all papers for the projects by a developer, inflation should be controlled and most important the rupee should become stagnant.

It was expected that with the fall in the value of Rupee, NRI would invest in the Indian Real estate sector, but nothing like that happened as there is no stagnation in the value of the Rupee. So we have high hopes after the poll results that the Real Estate sector which has the most caliber to contribute in the growth of economy would witness strict steps for its growth in coming years by the government.”

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Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru) Coverage in INDIA TODAY Magazine

<a href=”http://tarunshienh.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/india-today.jpg”><img src=”http://tarunshienh.files.wordpress.com/2013/11/india-today.jpg?w=627″ alt=”Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD Premia Group &amp; The Real Estate Guru) Coverage in INDIA TODAY Magazine” width=”627″ height=”478″ class=”alignleft size-large wp-image-831″ /></a>

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Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru) Coverage in Millennium Post (India’s Leading Broadsheet Newspaper)

The Chairman and Managing Director of of the Premia Group, Tarun Shienh, has established himself as a leading visionary business entrepreneur by achieving tremendous growth in sectors like Real Estate, Health Care, Energy, Hospitality, Infrastructure, Construction etc

Shienh, who has been honoured as ‘The Real Estate Guru’ by Builders Council of India (BCI) and PHD Chamber Of Commerce, is also the Director .of Human Rights Council of India, a body which works for social causes. The Real Estate Guru is credited with establishment of three real estate brands in 5 years. His name also features on the cover of prestigious Inc India 500 India Fastest Growing Companies Book. He carries over 19 years of rich management experience across brands Like New York Life, Bajaj Allianz, HDFC Bank. Etc.

Shienh has headed a sales channel of 2 lakh plus employees during his financial sector days. His brainchild real estate project ‘India 1st Corporate City’ and ‘Crown of Noida’ has broken all barriers of success with India’s leading builders body ‘Builders Council of India’, acknowledging ‘Premia Corporate City’ as the premium concept of the year and for its sky-rocketing sales.

Tarun Shienh has also been selected as the co- chairman of Assocham’s national council on luxury sector. As CMD of Premia Group he has the ability to bring in fresh and innovative ideas that can be translated into understanding the luxury needs of the Indian consumers vis-a-vis their tastes and demands. Assocham is one of the most noted authorities on business in India. It is the latest organisation that has recognised Shienh for his perseverance and dedication and invited him to their ranks. Shienh understands the international standards and how to associate them with Indian tastes
Expressing happiness over his new assignment, he says that his primary thrust would be to work towards framing favourable policies for the overall growth of the exponentially growing Indian luxury market.

Premia group has recently announced their new venture into the healthcare sector, a brainchild of visionary entrepreneur Tarun Shienh, Premia Healthcare aims at serving the need of masses by offering state of the art super speciality healthcare services. Premia Group has initiated its first hospital project via acquisition of leading running hospital in Palwal, Haryana. The group plans to scale up its operation by having a similar network of hospitals in tier 2 and tier 3 cities soon. Spread over 5 acres of lush green surroundings, Premia Health Care, Palwal is a 130 Bedded State- of- the- Art Hospital. It is one of the centres’ having highly equipped medical facilities within a radius of 60 kilometres. Another USP of the hospital is that it would have a team of highly qualified super specialist doctors, para-medical staff who would provide comprehensive healthcare services to roughly one million people of the NCR region.

Announcing the launch of Premia Healthcare Tarun Shienh said, ‘With Premia Healthcare, we wish to take the ever- evolving Indian Healthcare Sector to the next level by giving the Indian masses access to world’s finest high quality integrated healthcare services. This endeavour is aimed at bringing the best quality healthcare services to the doorstep of those who need it the most and at a price that is quite within the reach of a common man. Indian healthcare services have long shown a maturity that is expected considering the tremendous growth trajectory India has embarked upon and this effort from Premia is just the next logical step in the continuing trail of developments.’

The group also believes in sustainable growth through optimum resource utilization. Hence apart from tier 2 and 3 expansion, it is keen on expanding its footprints in other major cities in India where there is a dire need of high- quality and State of art healthcare facilities.

Premia Healthcare’s acquisition of a leading running hospital in a Tier -2 city like Palwal is a clear reflection of its future growth strategy keeping in lieu with the potential of cities like Palwal where healthcare services are quite fragmented. This step is all set to revolutionise private health care services in India and most importantly it is sure to impact the life of the people of cities that are usually not on the radar of big corporate conglomerates. Effectively bringing an elusive quality of latest healthcare with quality diagnostic facilities at affordable price to the masses, Premia Healthcare is a step that will surely benefit scores of Indians as the venture moves ahead.

Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru) Coverage in Millennium Post (India's Leading Broadsheet Newspaper)

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Catch “The Real Estate Guru”, Mr. Tarun Shienh on CNN IBN this Sunday at 11:45 am

Watch Mr. Tarun Shienh, “The Real Estate Guru”, discourse on matters related to the industry and the market on CNN IBN. He is due to appear on the series “Architects of Change” initiated by Mint, the leading newspaper. The program is scheduled to air on Sunday, 17th of November at 11:45 AM where you can catch Mr. Tarun Shienh,  “The Real Estate Guru” and a visionary leader, as he shares his views on the coveted titles he holds, how he manages to juggle so many responsibilities, the journey towards becoming “The Real Estate Guru”, latest developments in the field of realty and his visualization of what the future holds for the industry as well for Premia.

The program, “Architects of Change” is a series initiated by Mint to help the audiences familiarize themselves with the visionary leaders that are scripting the progressive development being brought about in modern India and how they succeed in managing the show. The program focuses on what sets them apart as leaders of change and how they visualize the future to pan out. Tarun, known for his sharp intellect and deep insight into the industry and the mindset of consumers, is all set to blaze the screen with his innovative concepts and radical thinking that he believes will make a change for the better. Being an “Architect of Change” is a challenging role; how he manages to keep his many responsibilities fulfilled and how he envisions the landscaping of the Indian Corporate sector to change in the years to come is what he will be discussing during the course of the show. He will also share his plans for his organization and how they plan on expanding their presence over to a national footprint in the coming time, the many new ideas he holds and the diversifications he has conceived for Premia.

Catch the discussion on some of the hottest trending topics and watch “The Real Estate Guru” weave his magic on CNN IBN as the hosts introduce you to the real Tarun Shienh and his exemplary vision and dexterity on a wide range of matters.

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Watch Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru) on CNN IBN this Sunday

Watch Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru) on CNN IBN – Sunday, 17th November at 11.45 AM

Connect Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD Premia Group & The Real Estate Guru)  on Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/tarunshienh.realestateguru

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