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Time Linked Plan- Premia taking the innovation world by a storm

Premia Group and “The Real Estate Guru” Tarun Shienh have always been in the thick of things as far as the realty world and the innovation bandwagon is concerned. Having had a long history of bringing concepts as pioneering as India’s First Corporate City and countless other unique ideas to life, Premia is one organization that never seems to fall short of motive and determination to better the lives of their patrons and investors. Owing to the superlative intellect and inherent understanding of the consumer behaviors and needs instilled in them by their CMD, Tarun Shienh, the task force at Premia is always dedicated to finding newer and better solutions to the same old problems. By doing this, they ensure that while investors see the worth of their capital being delivered, they, as an organization, are recognized as the effort makers who don’t just do but care. Tarun Shienh is known in the realty circles as the Real Estate Guru and he just never ceases to amaze those following his growth. Every other day, his continued brain storming leads to something bright and ground-breaking that can be well utilized to change the course of the market scenarios and investor moods alike. This long lasting list of innovations never seems to culminate but keeps burgeoning with every passing day.

This time, keeping in view investor sentiments and market uncertainties, Premia Group and Mr. Shienh have successfully devised a plan to get straight entry to investors’ good books. While the market is reeling under the numerous blows from the economic front, there is a strongly felt need to pick up the mood of the nation realty wise and pump hope into the market, so that the negative sentiments are overcome and result in a speedy recovery of the trends. This is concurred by the real estate experts and the realty community at large as the downturn is hurting the current market as well the prospects of future sales. Having an eye on this situation, meticulous research and planning was undertaken by the team and Mr. Shienh himself following which a payment plan was devised; the Time Linked Plan, one which encourages the investors to part with their funds in a controlled fashion which can also be related to the progress of the project. This not only gives the investors a sense of being in control of their funds and decisions but also lends a positive vibe to the whole association. With the intent behind it making the transaction transparent, the plan is anticipated to sit well with the patrons.

This is one of a kind innovative payment plan the likes of which have never been floated in the Indian market. Premia, being the initiator of the concept, looks forward to helping the investors make the most of their funds. The benefits to the Time Linked plan are multi faceted. Firstly, this being a well thought out and researched unique plan, it will send out the right message to the investors in terms of being cared about. Having a look at the details of the plans will make them appreciate the efforts The Premia Group and The Real Estate Guru has put into devising the plan and the intent with which it was developed. Secondly, it has been designed to facilitate the investors into easy and convenient outlay and securing their initial spends on the booking. Thirdly, it will not only pump funds into the market picking up the standing but it will also spread word of the positive developments and create a buzz of the trend improving. Most importantly, it will make investors aware of the evolving real estate market and the initiatives being taken by the leading innovators, The Premia Group and Tarun Shienh, for a mutually fruitful association and keeping their valued investors at the hub of their thought process.


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Premia Group Launches India’s Ist TIME LINKED PLAN





















Introducing for 1st Time in India “TIME LINKED PLAN” in India’s 1st Corporate City – Premia Corporate City & Crown of Noida – Premia Corporate City 2 by PREMIA GROUP

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Mr. Tarun Shienh (CMD, Premia Group) get selected as the Co-Chairman of Assocham National Council on Luxury

Mr. Tarun Shienh, CMD, Premia GroupThe Real Estate Guru and a source of inspiration for the first generation entrepreneurs with unique vision and dynamism has been selected as the Co- Chairman, Assocham’s National Council on Luxury sector. As a CMD of India`s Leading diversified Business Conglomerate “Premia Group” he brings in fresh  and innovative ideas that can be translated into understanding the luxury needs of the Indian consumers vis- a- vis their tastes and demands.  The signature style of luxury brands globally makes them truly iconic. No deviation either in terms of their design philosophy or exclusivity is acceptable.

Expressing happiness over his new assignment, he said that “Our primary thrust would be to work towards framing favorable policies for the overall growth of the exponentially growing Indian luxury market. A planned road map for mapping the future growth trends backed with authentic research of the Indian luxury market is needed.”

Mr. Shienh added that “Indian Luxury market which is pegged at 8 billion dollars is expected to rise to 15 billion US dollars, clocking a growth of 25 per cent year on year, making it as one of the fastest growing markets. All the major luxury brands are eyeing India and are releasing their products simultaneously here as in Europe or the United States. Luxury permeates everything   be it cars, jewellery, homes, high -end gadgets or gizmos, clubs or private jets .The branded abodes are extending the promise of opulence and a style statement. Indian luxe consumer is no longer willing to settle for second best. A blend of high – design and smart functionality is fuelling the new boom in luxe living. Indian consumer being exposed to a greater variety of global brands and products and being well travelled is far more knowledgeable and demanding. When it comes to buying luxury in India, the discerning buyers want to invest in luxury that they would like to enjoy now but will also stand the test of time. To cater to needs of discerning luxe consumers in sync with iconic global brands availability in the Indian market is a major challenge for our policy makers.”

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